Our Story

Lili & Frank Khalilnia


Family owned and operated since 1985, Import Temptations began its climb to success as a small wholesale company and growing quickly into an established and well respected luxury furnishing and interior design business.

Lili Khalilnia, founder and president of the company attended one of the finest interior design schools in Italy where she developed her passion for the best in Italian style, furniture and design.

Joined by her husband Frank Khalilnia, Import Temptation’s growth in the industry of furniture, giftware, and distinct design of mirrors, has gained the definitive image of being the very best in all aspects of consumer vision and fortifying strong relations. Frank uses his fluency in 5 languages to ensure strong and reliable relationships with international suppliers.

Shiva Khalilnia


Toronto Based Designer, Shiva Khalilnia, has been creating sophisticated interiors for her clients for over 20 years. Her portfolio includes grand residences and luxury hotels throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  This well-traveled Designer is highly versed in European elegance, having worked with and designed for high-end furniture lines in Milan, Italy for several years. 

Today, Shiva has established exclusive relationships with some of the very best luxury European Manufacturers and North American brands, giving her the ability to bring clients impeccable craftsmanship and opulent design options.

Our team

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Lyda Ziaaein


Lyda has been playing an integral role at Import Temptations, using her extensive experience of over 15 years along with her degree in Interior Design to create exceptional spaces. Her fluency in 3 languages has been essential to multiple international design projects. Coupled with a warm and caring personality, her strong management skills, solid knowledge of products, fabrics, finishes as well as order and supply processes make her the ideal Sales Manager and Interior Designer.

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Afif Bakkar


After graduating with honors in Computer Science and Informatics Security, Afif joined the Import Temptations team as an essential part of the warehouse and operations departments. His role transitioned into a managerial position of warehouse and delivery, using his positivity, organization and practical skills to ensure operations function as efficiently as possible in order management, international and local deliveries, installations and other Value Added Services. 

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Kristin Smith


Having served as a business consultant for over 12 years in multiple industries including finance, sales, cosmetics and luxury investments, Kristin has been involved in business development and marketing initiatives including appearing as on-air host for various home shopping channels as well as international conferences on brand and business start-up and growth. Since joining the Import Temptations team, she is focused on exciting corporate strategy and structure, growth opportunities, marketing and advertising programs and staff management.

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Emile Mourani


Having been with the company from its early beginnings, Emile brings an extensive knowledge of fine finishing’s and craftsmanship of luxury furniture, making him an essential and beloved part of the Import Temptations team. His role includes operations and warehouse support along with custom finishing and leafing.

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Maya Soueileh


Maya brings more than 10 years of experience in interior design and technical knowledge to high-end residential interiors.  Having a specialized focus on spatial planning along with exclusive furniture and fabric selection, her designs are tailored, functional, creative and sophisticated. Maya enjoys working with a variety of interior projects and her engaging personality allows for an exceptional experience.

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David Meredith


With a design background spanning more than three decades, David spent the first half of his career as an international theatrical stage and lighting designer. Now working exclusively in the world of luxury interiors, he has transformed his unique skill set from the stage to creating beautiful settings for both residential and commercial clients. Using history, culture and passion for the arts, David creates inspired designs for both traditional and contemporary spaces.

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Cintya Castellanos


With over 10 years experience in the design industry, Cintya is committed to creating unique and beautiful interiors. Her background in kitchens and baths has given her an eye for balance and detail. In her current role as assistant to the lead designer, she has gained extensive expertise in sophisticated interiors, luxury materials and high-end finishes. She is passionate about each project and enjoys being involved throughout the design process.